Welcome to Beige Box

Well, you found my weird little corner of the Internet.  After several years since I gave up on my last blog I'm giving it a go again - we'll see how much staying power this one has.  If you find something helpful here I'd suggest saving it in case this run of things is as ephemeral as the previous attempts.  

My motivation this go round is that somehow I have acquired relatively niche but widely useful expertise in Static Analysis, and more broadly in Application Security, and I'd like to share that with others so that they have an easier time learning than I did. I'll also see if I can wrangle some of the clever folks I have been fortunate to call colleagues into contributing here as well to both give a diversity of content, and a steadier contribution of it.  I'm self-aware enough to know that my own activity here will be very uneven.

If you care to learn more about me (why?) head over to The About Page, though expect it to be terse.  This isn't much of a vanity project.  If you want to keep up with posts I'd suggest grabbing the RSS and dropping it into Feedly or similar RSS reader. I don't have the email or account features turned on as I don't want anyone's PII stored in the database.  I have a day job protecting data, I don't want this low effort side gig to require it too.