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Beige Box is a blog primarily focused on Application Security topics, with occasional topics on software development, the tech industry, and other techy balderdash. It publishes whenever an author gets around to it - probably several posts early on and then a slow trickle after that if every other amateur blog is any indicator.

Hopefully it should go without saying, but, you know, lawyers exist - this is a personal blog, not an official communication channel of multinational corporations, and so the content and views here are that of their author.  

About the Author

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JBW is currently a Principal Security Engineer Manager at Microsoft, where he leads Microsoft's centralized Advanced Static Analysis team responsible for automating the detection of security vulnerabilities across the entirety of Microsoft's copious source code and evolving the capabilities of static analysis generally. JBW is also a core contributor to Microsoft's Secure Development Lifecycle initiative and contributing author to SafeCode's Security Fundamentals and Threat Modeling workgroups.